This week’s Cockney rhyming slang is China, as in the porcelain variety. Porcelain originated in China, and is so identified with the country that it is still called “China” in everyday English usage. For this wallpaper, I modeled the silhouette after a porcelain dish with the design of a mandarin fish from the mid 14th century Yuan dynasty.


Unlike raspberry tart, China has had its rhyming word dropped; so in conversation you would just use “China”, such as the phrase:

‘Allo me old China!

To further add to its depth of slang, China plate is being rhymed with mate; which is slang for “friend”, used in Britain, New Zealand, and Australia

So the example phrase translates to, “Hello my old friend!” China is such a classic Cockney word that it is also has been adopted as an Afrikanerism, slang words and phrases influenced by Afrikaans and other African languages.

That’s it for now, me old China — until next week, give your tech a screenlift with the wallpapers below!



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