‘Allo me Chinas. This week’s Cockney rhyming slang, is the last example I’ll be using from To Sir, with Love; which I’ve used the past 2 weeks for frog and apples.


“Ginger” was first used as Cockney rhyming slang for engineer. This led to the Royal Australian Engineers being nicknamed the Ginger Beers. However, it has now largely been used as rhyming slang for “queer”. For example, Gingerbeer is the name of a London-based online network for lesbians.

Here’s the full clip from To Sir, with Love, which includes frog and toad, apples and pears, ginger beer, and more Cockney rhyming slang:

As always, find this week’s featured Cockney rhyming slang in wallpaper form below.



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