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Raspberry Tart

Cockney has so many colorful words and phrases, it was tough to choose the first one I’d post, but I decided on raspberry tart. I think it’s the perfect Cockney to start with; cockney that many are already familiar with, but aren’t even aware that it is. Have you heard the phrase “blowing a raspberry?” It has its origins in Cockney rhyming slang. It’s a phrase I often heard as a kid, and use even now with my niblings.


Rhyming slang phrases are derived from taking an expression which rhymes with a word and then using that expression instead of the word. In many cases the rhyming word is omitted — in the case of U.S. slang it is “blowing a raspberry” and not “blowing a raspberry tart.”

However, the rhyming word is not always omitted, so Cockney expressions can vary in their construction, and it is simply a matter of convention which version is used. When referring to a fart in Cockney though, the whole rhyming phrase “raspberry tart” is used.

He popped out a real raspberry tart.

Confusing, I know. Good news is I’ll be posting new Cockney rhyming slang wallpapers every Wednesday for the rest of this year, so we’ll have plenty more chances to practice.

In the meantime, add a little Cockney to your tech with the Raspberry Tart wallpaper.



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